About Us

Pentisol L.P. is a family business with 30 years of experience, situated in Järvenpää, Finland. Our high-quality and versatile range of products, continuous product development and trading partners as well as flexible customer service are the foundations of our success. We find no challenge too great; on the contrary, challenges are what motivates us to keep developing our operations and what makes us a pioneer in many areas. If you have an idea, we have the will and the skill to make it work.

Our central location near Finland’s capital city Helsinki guarantees fast deliveries both in Finland and abroad. We manufacture high-quality products for industrial use, motorists, households, sports and recreation as well as for food processing industry. We offer personalized service to all our clients, big and small, and strive to find the best products for everyone.

An important area of our business operations are our contract filling services. We pack our clients’ products with their own brands. Ask for an offer – we will be happy to oblige. Our modern and efficient facilities combined with our flexible capacity ensure fast and reliable delivery.
We constantly strive to make our operations and products more environmentally friendly. Our partners both in Finland and abroad are pioneers in their fields, and we continually search for new products to keep us at the leading edge of development. Green thinking is part of our time and we invest in it, because we believe it is the key to a better tomorrow. The Penti Refill Spray System we have developed is one example of our investments in green thinking. For more information, visit www.pentirefill.fi.

In addition to our clients in Finland, we have satisfied customers in other EU countries as well. If you would like to expand the product range of your company with Pentisol aerosols and chemicals, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information and offers.